Not much compares to a good truck and a forest in the fall. The Upper Peninsula is rad. (at Whitefish Point)

Sunset over Vermilion Point bog. Vermilion Pt. was a base for the Vermilion Lifesaving Station. It’s located along the “Shipwreck Coast” in the eastern UP. From 1877 until 1944, crews of men would haul massive rescue row boats across the beach by hand and then row out to help ships during violent Lake Superior storms. Out of four sister sites, Vermilion is the only one with original structures. (at Whitefish Point)

The new and the old. Don’t worry I’m only storing Rhonda for the winter. She did throw a fit when I was bringing her back home. Not only is she almost 5000lbs but she caught fire when I was loading her onto the trailer. She is so sassy.

I had the pleasure of shooting Craig and Sarah’s wedding a few weeks ago. Congrats again guys!

After driving Rhonda for almost 2 years, it was time for me to get something a little more reliable. Still trying to think of a name but either way I am stoked!

Ohhh you make me live. You, you’re my best friend.

This is my best friend Bruce a few years ago. He is a marine. He is also the star of the most American photo I’ve ever taken. (at Copper Harbour)

The world’s best dad is also my best friend. (at Whitefish Point)

Best part of waking up at 6am is that you may be lucky enough to witness a sunrise over Superior. (at Whitefish Point)

It’s almost the weekend. It’s almost the weekend. It’s almost the weekend. (at Whitefish Point)

First day of class always has me missing the weekend, my dogs, and my cabin. (at Whitefish Point)

This is my type of ice bucket challenge. Average water temp for Superior today was between 47 and 53. (at Whitefish Point)

Headed north for a bit more of this.

Last full week of work. Stoked I can spend more time doing things like this with my two idiots.

Vanagon in the wild.