Last full week of work. Stoked I can spend more time doing things like this with my two idiots.

Vanagon in the wild.

Weather-beaten. (at Whitefish Point)

Had a nice van picnic until Morgan noticed the blood pouring out of Oden’s foot! Luckily I have a stocked first aid kit because I always hurt myself.

Sandy nose.

My favorite place on Earth.

Gotta have that sock game

Nothing beats Michigan summers. (at I-75)

Patiently waiting for someone to throw this half eaten slobbery nub that once was a stick. (at Whitefish Point)

I get it from my mama. Happy birthday ma! I love you.

She gets it from her mama.

This post goes out to my beloved van. Sometimes I think she may be more than just a bunch of metal working together to shape my perspective on the world. She breaks down a lot but always for good reason. (at Leech Lake, MN)

Can you guess what Oden found?!

Well Rhonda is out of commission and awaiting a new starter. In the mean time I bought myself a present of the two wheeled variety.

I wish I could spend more time at this desk and not my cubicle.